M&A 8.3 Tracker

  • All 8.3 notices collated and databased instantly.
  • Allows for increased accuracy and speedier collection of data.
  • Historic data able to be accessed for trend analysis.
  • Email alert service for notification of requested notices.

M&A Monitor's 8.3 Tracker is a unique system which takes the hassle out of collecting and collating Rule 8.3 notices. The 8.3 Tracker automatically and instantaneously reads all 8.3 notices submitted through RNS and the other aggregated news providers and databases the notices giving each data point a unique field. The system immediately releases into the client interface all notices which pass integrity checks built into the system (comparison with previous filings and exhaustive numerical cross checks), while alerting our analysts to the notices which have anomalies. These are then immediately checked and corrected, where possible, and fed back into the sytem for clients to see.

The 8.3 Tracker eliminates the need for clients to waste time collecting and collating the data allowing for speedier and more accurate delivery of the data to clients. The 8.3 Tracker will also allow clients to search historical announcements through a number of different criteria (parties involved, values etc.) in order to highlight any trends or precedents in previous notices. The email alert service will allow clients to set tolerances for any alerts (e.g Rio Tinto Plc notices where transaction involves greater than 3% of reporting partys current holding) they may wish to receive providing them with relevant information when they need it.

Search for Deals

Search for European party transactions, public & private, with a value over €10m.

Product examples

M&A Monitor provides data on Rule 8.3 notices in two main formats:

Custom Reports

  • Subscribers may download any data they wish from either a single notice or a set of notices through our custom report builder.
  • Once you have designed the custom report from over 110 possible fields (many are proprietary such as VWAPs) the data may be downloaded into Excel for ease of collation.
  • Search and download previous filings for the target company or see other filings from the same reporting party covering various other transactions they have been involved in.
  • See every transaction detailed in each notice or use our custom built fields which total all purchases & sales, derivatives and options transactions, provides VWAPs and nets off all transactions if required.

See Custom Report example

Email Alerts

  • Receive "intelligent" email alerts for companies you are tracking.
  • The email alert service will use our propriatory fields to allow users to set tolerances for receiving alerts.
  • Only see notices you wish to receive and avoid the daily grind of having to review notices which have minimal dealings disclosed.
  • Email alerts keep you up to date during the day, avoiding you having to constantly look to see if events are unfolding. As soon as the market knows, you know.

See Email Alerts example

Covers European mergers & acquisitions and provides unrivalled depth of analysis.

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Covers European mergers & acquisitions and provides unrivalled depth of analysis.

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Instantly reads and databases Rule 8.3 announcements to allow ease of use, alerting and analysis.

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